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    • 21687-01
    • Information Privacy Law
    • Jolls
    • Thu 12:10 PM-2:00 PM
    • 3
    • -
    • limited enrollment
    • paper required

    Information Privacy Law (21687). 3 units. Controversy over information privacy has grown dramatically in recent years. Information that many individuals view as private is gathered and deployed using a growing number of new technologies and practices – on-line tracking, “Big Data” analytics, facial recognition software, genetic testing, and much more. Constitutional, statutory and common law have sought to respond to rapid changes in information gathering, storage, and dissemination. This course will provide a broad-ranging overview of the rapidly growing area of information privacy law. The required written work will be four four-page analytic essays, due over the course of the term, on the course concepts and materials, and a research paper that may be used in satisfaction of either the Supervised Analytic Writing requirement (in which case the course should be taken for 4 rather than 3 units) or the Substantial Paper requirement. Paper required. Enrollment limited. C. Jolls.

    Location: SLB - 124 (Thu)
    Grade mode: graded
    CRN: 20072