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    • 21044-01
    • Comparative Law
    • Whitman
    • Mon 10:10 AM-12:00 PM
      Wed 10:10 AM-12:00 PM
    • 4
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    • open enrollment
    • exam with paper option

    Comparative Law (21044). 4 units. An introduction to the comparative study of different legal systems. The course will focus primarily on differences between the ways that law and order are maintained, and justice pursued, in the United States, on the one hand, and in Germany and France, on the other. There will also be some attention to some non-Western traditions, such as those of China, Japan, and Islam. The overarching aim of the course will be to explore the extent to which differences in legal doctrine and legal practice reflect larger differences in social structure. With that aim in mind, the course will explore a variety of issues, among them differences in the French, German, and American concepts of "human dignity" and its protection; differences in civil and criminal procedure; differences in punishment practice; differences in the maintenance of everyday order in the streets; differences in the law of consumer protection; differences in welfare and unemployment law; and differences in the structure and regulation of business and banking enterprises. It is hoped that students will come away from the course both with some knowledge of foreign law and with a heightened sensitivity to some of the ways in which foreign societies can differ from our own. Self-scheduled examination or paper option. J.Q. Whitman.

    Location: SLB - 122 (Mon)
    SLB - 122 (Wed)
    Grade mode: graded
    CRN: 20106
    Exam: 5/02/2016 - 5/16/2016
    Questions available online
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    Length: 3 hour(s)
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