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    • 30177-01
    • Nonprofit Organizations Clinic
    • Simon
    • Fri 1:10 PM-3:00 PM
    • 1 or 2
    • -
    • experiential
    • not applicable

    Nonprofit Organizations Clinic (30177). 1 or 2 units, credit/fail. This clinical workshop will serve the needs of nonprofit organizations, nascent and established, that require help in the process of organization and incorporation, in obtaining tax exemption, and solving ongoing legal problems--organizations that cannot afford to retain private counsel. The class will meet as a group on six Fridays in each semester. *Students who take the clinic for 2 units and who attend two professional responsibility sessions will satisfy the professional responsibility requirement. †Students may satisfy the professional skills requirement through this course only if they receive 2 or more units. Also MGT 695a. J.G. Simon, M. Agsten, L.N. Davis, and B.B. Lindsay.

    Course Bidding: There is no enrollment limit for this clinic. Any students who list this clinic among their experiential course selections will be accepted if they have space on their schedules. The instructors' permission is not required.

    Location: SLB - 121 (Fri)
    Grade mode: credit/fail
    CRN: 10183