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    • 21448-01
    • Criminal Procedure: Police Practices and Investigations
    • Meares
    • Fri 8:35 AM-10:00 AM
      Wed 10:35 AM-12:00 PM
    • 3
    • -
    • open enrollment
    • exam required

    Criminal Procedure: Police Practices and Investigations (21448). 3 units. The course will focus on the constitutional law that governs searches, seizures, and confessions. The course will consider in detail the evolution of the exclusionary rule and the development and administration of the probable cause and warrant requirements. It will also examine stop and frisk, administrative searches, searches incident to arrest, vehicle searches, consent searches, and the admissibility of confessions. No credit/fail option. Scheduled examination. T. Meares.

    Location: SLB - 129 (Fri)
    SLB - 129 (Wed)
    Grade mode: graded
    CRN: 20416
    Exam: 5/06/2015 at 2:00 PM SLB: 127
    Questions available online
    Name or Id: Id
    Length: 4 hour(s)