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    • 21149-01
    • [The] International Law of Governance
    • Benvenisti
    • Mon 4:10 PM-6:00 PM
    • 2
    • -
    • limited enrollment
    • paper required

    [The] International Law of Governance (21149). 2 units. The seminar will address the law that applies to the decision-making processes within international organizations and other global governance bodies. Similar to administrative and constitutional norms that structure decision-making at the domestic level, norms that shape the decision-making procedures within international organizations are designed to resolve agency problems, promote public participation, protect potentially affected interests, and ensure the perceived legitimacy of these institutions. Although different organizations have adopted a variety of procedures, there is a process of convergence of expectations possibly leading to what may be called global administrative law: shared standards concerning public participation, representation, and accountability of the decisionmakers. The seminar will examine these norms and explore the political and social forces that shape their development by examining a variety of global and regional institutions including in the fields of collective security (the UN Security Council), human rights, environmental protection, and the regulation of trade and investments. The seminar will also address the challenges raised by the increasing role of private actors in setting global standards and the possible regulation of their activities. Paper required. Enrollment limited to twenty. E. Benvenisti.

    Location: SLB - 108 (Mon)
    Grade mode: graded
    CRN: 20348