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    • 20241-01
    • Conflict of Laws
    • Brilmayer
    • Wed 1:10 PM-3:00 PM
      Mon 2:10 PM-4:00 PM
    • 3
    • -
    • open enrollment
    • exam with paper option

    Conflict of Laws (20241). 3 units. Choice of law, personal jurisdiction, and judgments enforcement in the American federal system. This course has some overlap with civil procedure -- students will mostly already have at least a basic familiarity with the law of judgments, personal jurisdiction, and the Erie Railroad doctrine. But the heart of the course is common law, statutory law, and constitutional law relating to extraterritorial application of state and federal substantive rules, in both the interstate and the international context. The assigned course book with be Brilmayer, Goldsmith, and O'Hara-O'Connor, Conflict of Laws: Cases and Materials (Aspen Publishing, 6th edition, 2011). Students may arrange to write a paper instead, including papers for Supervised Analytic Writing or Substantial Paper credit. Self-scheduled examination or paper option. L. Brilmayer and J. Butler.

    Note: This three-unit course will meet on a four-hour schedule to build in make-up time so that additional sessions do not have to be schedule to replace days when the instructors' schedules call for them to be away.

    Location: SLB - 122 (Wed)
    SLB - 122 (Mon)
    Grade mode: graded
    CRN: 10351
    Exam: 1/06/2015 - 1/15/2015
    Questions available online
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    Length: 3 hour(s)
    Notes: Self-scheduled Exam: You may take this exam at any time during the examination period, either through YLS ExamWeb or by signing out the questions from the Registrar's Office.

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