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    • 21299-01
    • Law and Political Economy
    • Kapczynski
    • Thu 6:10 PM-8:00 PM
    • 2
    • -
    • faculty permission
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    Law and Political Economy (21299). 2 units, credit/fail. This seminar will examine the relationship between the economy and political life, with particular attention to the role of law in mediating the relationship between the two. We will begin with key theoretical readings that articulate the embeddedness of the economy in politics (e.g. Polanyi), and that critique the conception of efficiency as a politically neutral value (e.g. Anderson, Dworkin). We will then pivot to consider recent legal scholarship across a range of fields that seeks to bring questions of political economy to the center, and thereby to make our legal and social order more just, equal, democratic, and sustainable. Topics to be explored include the political economy of the U.S. Constitution, of trade law, of racial justice, of sexual rights, of work and labor law, and of environmental law. Seminar participants will be asked to help lead at least one class session, and at the end of the course time will be allocated for topics that students identify as important to their own research agendas or to emerging political events. Students seeking graded credits may add a third credit, and complete a series of response papers over the course of the semester. Enrollment limited to twelve. Permission of the instructor required. A. Kapczynski.

    Course Bidding: In addition to listing this course among permission-of-instructor selections, students should submit one-paragraph describing their interest in the course. You may send the statement directly to Professor Kapczynski ( and you may also upload the statement in the bidding system by December 8 at 4:30 p.m. Note: Professor Kapczynski will make decisions on who to admit based solely on the statements of interest, not based on the weighted rank.

    Location: SLB - 109 (Thu)
    Grade mode: credit/fail
    CRN: 24178