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    • 21022-01
    • The Law and Technology of Cyber Conflict
    • Hathaway
    • Wed 9:25 AM-11:15 AM
    • 3
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    • faculty permission
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    [The] Law and Technology of Cyber Conflict (21022). 3 units. The second semester of this yearlong course will be a hands-on practicum in which students will write policy papers, develop the computational theory of cyber conflict, or design and prototype novel technology. These projects will be designed to address some of the critical research gaps that have hindered long-term development of effective policy and technological responses to cyber conflict, including issues such as cyber deterrence in operations short of war, corporate cyber espionage, cyber vandalism/ terrorism, international cyber regulation, and related free speech and privacy concerns. Specific project topics will be formulated based on the first semester’s explorations and in consultation with policymakers who work on issues of cyber security. Enrollment limited to twenty. Also CPSC 510b. O. Hathaway, J. Feigenbaum, S.J. Shapiro.

    Note: This course is open only to those students who were enrolled in the fall term. The course follows the Yale College calendar.

    Course Bidding: Students continuing from the fall term should list this course as their lowest preference among permission-of-the-instructor selections.

    Location: SLB - 109 (Wed)
    Grade mode: graded
    CRN: 20112