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    • 21694-01
    • Courts and the State: Seminar
    • Farhang
    • Tue 2:10 PM-4:00 PM
    • 2
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    • open enrollment (20)
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    Courts and the State (21694). 2 units. The course will focus on legal and political science scholarship seeking to understand and evaluate courts’ relationship to other institutions and actors, commonly referred to as “external” sources of influence on judicial institutions, behavior, and policymaking. Sources of influence considered will be public opinion, elections, interest groups, political parties, executives, and legislatures. The focus of readings is on the United States, but some cross-national comparative work will be considered. The primary but not exclusive emphasis is on readings from institutionalist perspectives, both historical and rational choice. Multiple short papers required. Enrollment capped at fifteen. S. Farhang.

    Location: SLB - 108 (Tue)
    Grade mode: graded
    CRN: 20091