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    • 21042-01
    • Corruption, Economic Development, and Democracy
    • Rose-Ackerman
    • Mon 2:10 PM-4:00 PM
    • 2 or 3
    • -
    • limited enrollment (10)
    • exam with paper option

    Corruption, Economic Development, and Democracy (21042). 2 or 3 units. A seminar on the link between political and bureaucratic institutions, on the one hand, and economic development, on the other. A particular focus will be the impact of corruption on development and the establishment of democratic government. Paper (2 or 3 units) or self-scheduled examination (2 units). Enrollment limited to ten Law students. Also PLSC 714b. S. Rose-Ackerman.

    Course Bidding: Students who bid should also submit a short paragraph explaining their relevant background and interest in the course by 4:30 pm on December 8. Preference will given to first-choice students in their last year of law school or in the LLM program.

    Note: The course is cross-listed with the Political Science Department, but Professor Rose-Ackerman anticipates that there will be additional places available. Students on the waiting list should come to the first class meeting to learn if places have opened.

    Location: SLB - 109 (Mon)
    Grade mode: graded
    CRN: 20158
    Exam: 5/01/2017 - 5/15/2017
    Questions available online
    Name or Id: Id
    Length: 24 hour(s)