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    • 21218-01
    • Organizations: Supervised Research
    • Hansmann
    • 3
    • -
    • faculty permission
    • paper required

    Organizations: Supervised Research (21218). 3 units. Recent decades have brought rapid and continuing innovation in organizational forms and organizational law for commercial, private noncommercial, and governmental enterprise. This supervised reading course will offer students a chance to explore aspects of these developments that interest them. Among the many topics that might serve as a focus for research are: the functions served by a separate body of organizational law; the disappearing boundary between organizational law and contract law; transactions on the firm/contract boundary, such as asset securitization; evolving forms such as LLCs, statutory trusts, and cell companies; the organization of mutual funds, hedge funds, and private equity firms; social enterprise and the development of special hybrid nonprofit/for-profit forms to promote it; the often vague distinction between governmental (public) and non-governmental (private) organizational forms and their respective roles; the contemporary evolution of governmental forms such as municipalities and special-purpose governments; the breakdown of the partnership form and the struggle over alternative forms for law practice and other service industries; and the changing structure of marriage and civil unions. Substantial or Supervised Analytic Writing credit available. Enrollment limited. Prerequisite: Business Organizations. Paper required. Enrollment limited. Permission of the instructor required. H. Hansmann.

    Course Selection: In addition to listing this course among permission-of-the instructor selections, students should also submit a statement of interest and a CV by December 10 at 4:30 p.m. Listing this course among permission-of-instructor selections authorizes the Registrar's Office to release an unofficial copy of the student's law transcript to the instructor.

    Grade mode: graded
    CRN: 20392