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    • 20344-01
    • Administrative Law: Advanced Topics
    • Parrillo
    • Thu 4:10 PM-6:00 PM
    • 2
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    • limited enrollment
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    Administrative Law: Advanced Topics (20344). 2 units. This seminar is a “pilot” for a large-classroom course in advanced administrative law that the instructor plans to offer in a future academic year. It will cover matters of doctrine, professional craft, and organizational behavior that arise when lawyers seek to influence, negotiate with, litigate against, or defend federal agencies. The seminar’s topics build upon the foundational course in Administrative Law but are not covered there due to limited time. Coverage will likely include: agency investigations and enforcement; the Freedom of Information Act and its uses and pathologies; remedies against agencies, as well as agency refusals to acquiesce in judicial precedent; the means by which the government can sign away some of its policymaking authority through consent decrees; damage actions against federal agencies and officials, including how the judgment fund and indemnification blunt their effects; means of influencing the “front end” of an agency rulemaking before policy becomes set in stone (including advisory committees); the art of seeking guidance from agencies; the importance of reputations and long-term relationships in the interactions between officials, regulated entities, and their attorneys; and the unique aspects of practicing law as a representative of the government. Students are required to participate actively in each week’s discussion. Grades will be based solely on class participation. Prerequisite: Administrative Law or Introduction to the Regulatory State (or similar preparation). Enrollment limited to eight. N. Parrillo.

    Location: SLB - M64 (Thu)
    Grade mode: graded
    CRN: 12892