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    • 20343-01
    • Brexit and the Law
    • Koh
    • Tue 12:10 PM-2:00 PM
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    • open enrollment
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    Brexit and the Law (20343). 1 unit, credit/fail. The momentous June 2016 referendum calling for Great Britain’s withdrawal from the European Union has created extraordinary uncertainty. While the shock to the global economy was felt immediately, the broader political and legal ramifications of “Brexit” will likely be worked out over the next several years. This supervised reading group is designed to give the Yale Law School community a focal point for thoughtful discussion of these issues: a one-credit supervised reading and discussion group with expert invited guests that will meet during the first part of the Fall 2016 semester. Speakers will not present formal papers, but rather, share best thoughts on such “Brexit And” topics as: human rights, foreign policy, free trade, security, European Union law, international law and organizations, and the future of Scotland and Ireland. Students will receive 1 ungraded credit for attending and doing the assigned reading (to be posted on the course website), which may become graded credit if the student also writes a short paper (5-7 pages) on the “Brexit And…” topic of their choice. H.H. Koh.

    Note: Under Law School rules, the decision to take the course for a graded credit must be irrevocably made no later than 4:30 p.m. Sept. 9, 2016.

    Course Meetings: Although the course schedule will vary based on speaker availability, the regular time will be Tuesday, either 12:10-2 pm or 6:10-8 pm, starting on August 30 and ending on November 1, 2016. More course details will be presented at the first session, which will be held in the Faculty Lounge on Tuesday, August 30, 2016.

    Location: SLB - FAC-LOUNGE (Tue)
    Grade mode: credit/fail
    CRN: 14257