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    • 21154-01
    • Competition Economics and Policy
    • Scott Morton
    • Mon 8:30 AM-9:50 AM
      Wed 8:30 AM-9:50 AM
    • 3
    • -
    • open enrollment
    • exam required

    Competition Economics, and Policy (21154). 3 units. The course will start by describing the economics underlying the U.S. antitrust laws. We will then analyze competitive behaviors that courts and agencies have determined form the boundary for legality under antitrust law. We start with cartels, continue on to mergers, and spend the second half of the semester on unilateral conduct (monopolization). We will learn the economics underlying the strategies chosen by firms and analytical methods needed to assess their impact on competition. We will discuss the evidence and arguments that have been used to determine liability. The course will cover mainly the goals and procedures of the U.S. but also the EU antitrust agencies. We will welcome a few guests over the semester who are practitioners in the field. Students will choose a case (from a limited set) and a side to argue in front of the class. This course will follow the School of Management calendar. Prerequisite: intermediate microeconomics or equivalent economics background (discuss with the instructor if you are not sure). Examination required. F. Scott Morton.

    Note: The final examination will be a closed-book exam covering all the material in the course. It will take place on the last day of the class.

    Course Selection: To be admitted to the class, all interested students must complete a short assignment that will be available at the start of the semester.

    Location: EVANS - 4430 (Mon)
    EVANS - 4430 (Wed)
    Grade mode: graded
    CRN: 20166
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