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    • 20044-01
    • Convicting the Innocent
    • Duke
    • Wed 1:10 PM-3:00 PM
    • 2 or 3
    • -
    • limited enrollment (12)
    • exam with paper option

    Convicting the Innocent (20044). 2 or 3 units. This course will explore the causes of and remedies for miscarriages of justice in which persons other than the perpetrators of criminal offenses are found guilty. The course will examine the processes of memory and suggestion, cognition, belief formation and resistance to change, lying and lie detection, the motivations and opportunities for fabricating evidence, imposter and unqualified experts, incompetent lawyers, poverty, and their relationships to legal rules and practices. Among the specific contexts in which the examinations will occur are allegations of child sexual abuse, stranger rapes, robberies, and murders. Some attention will be paid to the special problem of capital punishment. Students will be asked to present a topic during the term and to ask a question or make a comment during every class meeting. Attendance and participation is therefore required. Students who have selected writing topics and have had those topics approved by November 30th may receive writing credit in lieu of the examination. Others will take an open-book examination, for which they will receive 2 units of credit. The credits awarded for papers will depend on the work involved in the paper. Papers may qualify for Supervised Analytic Writing or Substantial Paper credit. Enrollment limited to twelve. Scheduled examination or paper option. S.B. Duke.

    Location: SLB - 110 (Wed)
    Grade mode: graded
    CRN: 10093
    Exam: 12/13/2016 at 2:00 PM
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