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    • 20361-01
    • Advanced Contracts
    • Schwartz
    • Tue 10:10 AM-11:35 AM
      Thu 10:10 AM-11:35 AM
    • 3
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    • open enrollment
    • exam with paper option

    Advanced Contracts (20361). 3 units. This course will cover certain significant, and still currently important, topics in greater depth than they could be covered in the first-year Contracts course, and some additional topics that could not be reached there. Subjects include remedies, interpretation, default rules and third party beneficiaries. The course will then use the concepts that the first part develops to consider contracting issues in other legal fields. Subjects will include corporate governance (to what extent are firms free to structure their own governance arrangements or constrained by corporate codes?); bankruptcy (to what extent can firms contract out of or affect how bankruptcy will affect them or are they constrained by bankruptcy code rules?); and M & A (what factors influence the content and legal treatment of merger agreements and permissible defensive tactics?). Readings will include cases and recent articles. The course should be helpful to students who may practice or teach in business fields. Self-scheduled examination or paper option, with permission of instructor. A. Schwartz.

    Location: SLB - 121 (Tue)
    SLB - 121 (Thu)
    Grade mode: graded
    CRN: 10183
    Exam: 12/12/2016 - 12/21/2016
    Questions available online
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    Length: 24 hour(s)
    Notes: Use your exam ID.